Before my first visit to mainland China, I was told by my friends to be sure to check out the pearls. "Pearls", I thought to myself, "you mean like my Mom wears?" Well, a friend of mine happened to be in China during our first visit and she introduced me to the incredible world of the fresh water pearl. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was every color and shape imaginable, and the story behind how the pearls are cultured fascinated me.

From my first visit to the pearl market, I was hooked. I couldn't stop buying different lengths, shapes and colors to share with my friends and family. When I returned home and began showing my beautiful pearl goodies to my friends, they were as interested and amazed at the variety of these natural miracles as I was. That is how Pearls for Girls was born!

Pearls for Girls is a wholesale jewelry company dedicated to bringing the most interesting designs, shapes, sizes, and colors of fresh water pearl and semi precious stone jewelry to the United States. I hope you will find a beautiful jewelry treasure from our collection that is unique and is you and that you wear it in good health.

Please give us your feedback on our website, our jewelry, our pricing and our designs. We value your interest and look forward to serving our friends who want a variety of jewelry looks "from classy to sassy".

Patricia Benson


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